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Course editing suggestion: Strengthen skills

I started doing Irish the day it was released into beta, but I've also been doing German, Dutch, and Danish. I've noticed that when I hit the Strengthen Skills button on the main page, the vocabulary it practices really only uses "water, boy, girl, man, woman, and apple." I actually did like 6-7 lessons Sunday evening of strengthening that way hoping that I would get to practice some of the other words I'd learned previously, but none ever came up unless I went specifically to that lesson and did it over again.

So, my suggestion for those who don't wanna read the whole thing above: Incorporate more words into the Strengthen Skills practices in the earlier stages.

September 15, 2014



Have you also run into the problem that there are too few questions in Strengthen Skills? Sometimes I've only had two questions! Quite a cheap way to earn XPs! Other times, four or five. Sometimes ten or fifteen. Seems like a bug that needs to be worked on.

And I second your request for more vocabulary in the Strengthen Skills. It's often very limited.


I thought it was because you didn't have much to strengthen, so they didn't bother making you redo the whole lesson/skill.


!!! go raibh maith agat i tHOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME ; O;


I thought exactly the same thing. No chance to practice the contextual stuff, which is what I'd really like before learning more words ;)


I agree, but recently I have had problems continuing at the end of the session. After I check my answer the continue bottom does not come up.


I have found that in the regular lessons as well that there has been a lacking of creativity in regards to the questions. That is to say, there are many which are the same, many even in a row, and I don't feel like I am learning much that way, although overall I very much appreciate the opportunity to be learning the Irish language.


Same issue here! My Strengthen Skills seems to be overwhelmingly focussed on a small handful of nouns, and most of the questions just ask me to translate "noun" or "the noun" back and forth. I rarely get verbs or full sentences, and when I do they're almost all about the elephant and the duck eating, or the men eating fish, even though I've done lessons covering a lot more stuff that I would really like to practice. Perhaps there's some sort of glitch in the spaced repetition algorithm?

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