"Este canal de televisión es sobre religión."

Translation:This television channel is about religion.

5 years ago



"On religion" should be accepted. I really don't think tv channels are "about" things.

4 years ago


last time i checked tv still means the same as television

5 years ago


When you want to say about something, can you always use "acerca de", and when you want to say on top of something, can you use "encima de"

4 years ago


Shouldn't "this channel on television" be correct?

4 years ago


I thnk that "this channel on tv is over religion" should be accepted as an answer aswell since it's basically the same thing either way

4 years ago

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I heard "sobre religión" but i wrote "sobre LA religión" as I thought the definitive article was needed. ¿No? :)

4 years ago


No. The definite article would specify a certain religion. E.g:

Person A: I need to learn more about Judaism before my friend's Bar Mitzvah.

Person B: This television channel is about the religion (meaning Judaism).

However, in this context, a religion is not specified, so the channel could be about any religion, or simply about all sorts of religions. Therefore, no definite article needed.

1 month ago

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This should not require TV or television before channel.

3 years ago


"Este canal es sobre religión." Cut the clutter. This sentence is so formal that it hints that the listener needs direct clarification for "canal" when in most, if not all situations in which two people are talking about TV the meaning is implied.

5 months ago
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