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Timer never stops counting

For the desktop version of duolingo, could you have the timer pause while reviewing mistakes or reading the discussion. Having it continue discourages people from learning from their mistakes, and gives an incentive to rush ahead, fumbling through mistakes. Cheers.

September 15, 2014



Hi lawrencertb,

You should be able to see an Untimed Practice (UP) next to the Timed Practice (TP) when you go to strengthen your skills. The UP gives you time between each question to report errors and read discussion forums. The TP has a pretty specific function, which is to get your brain to recall things more quickly. You can still access those features and I can only take a guess at why. I've used them, but not frequently. I generally prioritize the speed aspect when I select TP mode. If I find an error in TP, I figure that with 30 million users it's not an emergency if I let it go to someone else. And if I want to enter the discussion I just need to recall the sentence I'm working on in order to double back to it at the end. For example, for Spanish you go to the Spanish discussion, click "Sentences", then type the sentence into the search bar exactly as it appeared in the lesson. Some results should pop up and you'll find the discussion for that exact sentence there. I hope this helps! ^_^


Cheers for the help but I mainly use the discussion button to further understand the translation. I rarely post, because usually someone else has posted the same question/problem, and almost always someone else has given a detailed answer explaining it. I actually find this a very useful way of learning because I actually understand my mistakes. I often use the Timed Practice as I believe it is the best way to practice for actual conversation (on duo). Conversation is the reason I like to learn foreign languages. I often have two or three sentences I would like to understand further and do not have time to write these down and I'm unlikely to memorize them. Also searching them afterwards seems a waste of time when there was a button to click on during the test. I think this is a legitimate concern and the timer should be paused once the question has been answered so the user has time to review their mistake.

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