"He is an architect."

Translation:Han er arkitekt.

4 years ago


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Er hans navn Ted Mosby?

2 years ago


Here I have a multiple choice. The correct ones are " Han er en arkitekt." and "Han er arkitekt". Why the second one is considered correct? Is not its translation "He is architect" without "an"?

4 years ago

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When talking about jobs, religion and nationality, the indefinite article isn't required (but can be used if the situation needs it), but in English you'd generally always need the indefinite article

4 years ago


'He is American' or 'She is agnostic' work for the nationality example in English so that makes sense. I've heard 'She is CEO' before as well.

3 months ago


Han er arkitekt - its translating is: ,,He is an architect.ยดยด. In dansk is that true too.

4 years ago

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Oh sure, if you don't select both the options with the indefinite article and without it, you're wrong on this one. But almost any other time you'd be expected to include the indefinite article or it would be wrong.

3 years ago
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