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"Why do they write or read during the meal?"

Translation:Waarom schrijven of lezen zij tijdens de maaltijd?

September 15, 2014



My understanding is that In Afrikaans you could (would?) use "hoekom" here. Is that ever a valid Dutch translation? I know there are a lot of differences between the two languages, but it can be tricky and I'm slowly trying to sort them out in my head.


Hoekom is afrikaans for why but i wonder if it's a cognate of how come instead of coming from dutch


I think Hoe and Kom are similar enough to the English for an etymology not involving English to be valid. I mean, yes, interference from languages in the region is possible but Afrikaans/Dutch and English are close enough for 'how come' and 'hoekom' to be concurrent innovations.


I think you are right; the word orginially came in Afrikaans from the phrase hoe kom het dat, apparently.



"waarom schrijven ze of lezen ze tijdens de maaltijd" - is it really wrong to add a second pronoun herE?


No, it isn't. It's left out because you repeat the same word(s). :)


But it is uncommon to add it.


It is not wrong. I am a native speaker, and I commonly add it.


I got the answer correct because it was a multiple choice question. But only because it was multiple choice.

However, I know that had I been instructed to type out the answer or put Dutch word tiles in the correct order, I would have put "zij" before "schrijven."

Would that also be correct? Because Dutch word order is the single biggest thing I am struggling with. First major roadblock in my short time studying and I just can't seem to grasp it.

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