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This week's goals- Going Big

Hiiiii! My last post that I made on Thursday, I think it was, has gotten VERY popular in the Spanish community. I have gotten 144 comments, 13 lingots, and 36 up votes. When I had 15 comments in the first eight minuets I knew it was going to be a HUGE hit. But the thing was, I just gave ten questions in English and the Spanish community had to give the answers in English. It was so simple to make, yet so complicated to do. Thanks to all the people who helped, you made my day[s] (my 'news bell' is still ringing off the hook!) Anyway, my 'Enter' button isn't working so I'll just start from here: I decided it would be fun to post my weekly goals and have others post what they think or their goals. So, this week, my title says it all. I'm trying to get 50 XP every day [If you'd like to take the challenge but have a lower level, I suggest 30 XP. It is a little easy, but you must do two or three lessons a day.] Some of you are probably thinking "50 XP? That's 1/4 of what I do every day!" But, you must think about how I'm still in school with TONS of work every day. 50 is a huge jump for me since my usual daily goal is 15 XP per day. When I posted this, I had 26 XP- even more than AlexisLinguist did! By the end of the week, I should have 250 XP. Ultimately, I should have 2271 XP in total. Does anyone want to join me in this challenge? What are your plans for this week? Thanks for reading, and make sure to comment below. :-]

3 years ago