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Bug with Strengthening Skills?

When running through a skills strengthening session, many times I will pass the exercise with 100% (no hearts lost) but at the end there is no indication that the skills were strengthened. The exercise/subject bubble doesn't increase in value or changes back to gold.

September 15, 2014



My guess would be that you need to strengthen again


Yes, this may be so, however the user shouldn't have to guess as to whether this is true. The yellow gradient on the left of the subject bubble is segmented indicating the need to practice. When one segment of this gradient decreases it would also seem that the user would need to successfully complete one practice session. The need for additional sessions should be indicated on the gradient.


I've been having this same experience more and more lately. I see a unit needs strengthening, so go to strengthen it. Don't miss any items (or not more than a couple) yet told I still need more strengthening (because unit still doesn't go gold). I'm starting to wonder if DL is manipulating "strength" shown on the tree to try to force people to spend more time on the site. Pretty annoying. "Strength" doesn't seem to have much to do with what I do or don't know . . .

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