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"They do not write letters usually."

Translation:Elas não escrevem cartas normalmente.

June 3, 2013



are the words geralmente/normalmente always at the end of the sentence or you can place them elsewhere in the sentence? If yes, where?


normalmente can go either at the end or beginning of a sentence. but it's hard to settle a rule once it may vary on the intonation, region, or other factors. geralmente eles vão lá = eles geralmente vão lá = eles vão geralmente lá = eles vão lá geralmente. use it before the verb and you will always sound natural ;)


normalmente === usualmente?


Yup, and the same as "geralmente"


And in addition to that, normalmente is also normally.


I wrote " Eles normalmente não escrevem AS cartas" and got it wrong because of the "as". Why is that?


it is "the letters" (specific).


Is usualmente a Portuguese word?


yes, but not so common.


What is difference between eles and elas and how to identify it's place of use


eles = they (all masculine people or things, or a mix of masculine and feminine)

elas = they (only feminine people or things)


Eles : masc Elas: fem French or Spanish have similar plurals for "they". English does not specify gender int the third plural. If there are m and f then it will be "eles e elas"


In this sentences does "normalmente" convey a meaning of how he writes the letters (i.e. using strange fonts or something like that) or how often he writes a letter?


The latter. For the first option, a native speaker would probably use "de maneira normal".


A question about word order. In English, it is considered best to have an adverb as close as possible to the word it's modifying. By putting "usually" at the end of the sentence, it makes it look like they mean: "They write letters in an unusual manner." But what I think they intend to mean is "Writing letters is an unusual thing for them to do."

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