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Strengthening a different skill?

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Hello there,

I was just about to strengthen some of my Dutch skills when something really strange happened.

I had the "colours" and "numbers" lessons which would have needed strengthening so I made an attempt on strengthening the "colours" skill. I've lost all my hearts but strengthened the "colour"-skill again.

However, after finishing the lesson with keeping all 3 hearts, Duo said that I've, instead of the "colour"-skill, strengthened the "numbers"-skill, which I haven't even touched today.

Is this supposed to be this way?

September 15, 2014



Despite failing the lesson, you still effectively reviewed, and got correct, some portions of the lesson. That is what has returned the skill to gold

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That makes sense, but practicing the same skill again shouldn't turn a different skill back into gold, should it?


You will end up reviewing words from other lessons as you progress. I know I have seen the word for Cats all the way through my German tree!


Skill strength is based on the strength of the words taught in that skill. Therefore it is very possible that practicing one skill can strengthen another skill. Additionally, turning the skill you're practicing to gold isn't always guaranteed because, while you're always strengthening the skill, it may not always move you from one tick of strength to another in a single session.

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