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"Ti, tyve, tredive, fyrre, halvtreds, tres, halvfjerds, firs, halvfems, et hundred."

Translation:Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred.

September 15, 2014



That's one hell of a sentence to type by ear.


40 is pronuced wrong...Duolingo says "fyr" which means guy (or pine)


That is correct, thank you for pointing it out. :-) Here are the correct way of pronouncing fyrre: http://da.forvo.com/word/fyrre/#da for everyone's reference.


This really isn't a very helpful sentence for actually learning the numbers. It would be much better if they were in a random order.

[deactivated user]

    I am thinking the same, but after one year it is still the same 'sentence'.


    Why is this already filled in


    anyone else got problems getting the numbers accepted with speaking? or is it just my bad danish?


    I can never get it past "tredive" no matter how I say it...


    same like bruh duo do u hear me


    Yep, won't accept it no matter how many times I try


    I have tried repeatedly to say this sentence into the microphone, but it simply does not pick up enough of the words I say. I am saying them correctly, but perhaps there are too many numbers and the mic is not picking them up. I have not had a problem with the other sentences. Don't know if anyone else has had this problem.


    This is the most sexy counting I've ever heard.


    For some unknown reason, when I try to say this sentence, and only with this sentence, even though I am saying it correctly and loud and clearly, the audio does not pick up the words, or hardly any of them pick up. This happens every time I do this exercise.


    The Danish word should be spelled "hundrede", not "hundred".


    To my ears it sounds like there is two times "et" before hundred, is that correct?


    Cannot get this right

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