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Lesson completed but not marked as such


I just completed lesson 5 of Time in my German tree, and it is not showing as completed?

September 15, 2014



I'm having the same issue with French on mobile. I emailed. Hopefully they'll figure out what is going on.


Really weird thing, on my device it shows I have done the lesson, and Time is showing as 5/9, but on my computer it shows as 4/8


How odd.

On my tablet I did lesson 2 on phrases in French. It finally accepted that I'd done it after doing it twice, but lesson 3 didn't after doing it twice. Just tried on the computer and it still didn't recognize that it had been done. However! I was able to do the test to test out of that skill and it opened up further lessons for me.


The same here. I can't complete Abstract-Objects-3 http://i.imgur.com/AKa4cOa.png

PD: I managed to finishing it by going here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Abstract-Objects-3/7

Apparently the interface wasn't working correctly. it was missing the seventh lesson of "Abstract Object".

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