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"Nederdelene har præcis samme farve."

Translation:The skirts have exactly the same color.

September 15, 2014



Shouldn't there be a definite article?


It isn't needed. But it would also be correct to say "Nederdelene har præcis den samme farve".


Yeah, because "sammen" is a different word and would change the meaning; ok, thanks. :)


Doesn't make sense in English should be are the same colour


Whoever downvoted your comment needs to improve their English skills.


One of the previous questions has 'praecisT' as the correct answer, for the exact same sentence.


What are the rules for when to use "præcis" and "præcist"? Thanks for an answer.


Bad translation! Have is used incorrectly. "The skirts are exactly the same colour."

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I take it that præcis is a cognate of precise so here "The skirts are precisely the same colour".


It is but there are subtle nuances in how words are sometimes used despite being literal translations. So “præcis” I found is used a lot more in Danish than “precisely” is in English. For example the phrase “lige præcis det!” is quite common, whereas I would tend to say “exactly!” In English, although precisely is not incorrect. In this example I think most native English speakers would say “the skirts are exactly the same price”. The issue for me is more the have/are debate.

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