"They have the meal."

Translation:Zij hebben de maaltijd.

September 15, 2014



I'm still unsure where to use het and de, could somebody please help me out? My answer was "Zij hebben de maal" which was corrected as "Zij hebben het maal"

January 22, 2015


You know, in Spanish there are masculine and feminine ''the''s, like 'la' and 'el'. Maybe it's the same in Dutch.

January 27, 2015


you really just have to learn it by memory and rote. Don't practice 'maal means meal' or 'eten means meal/food', always practice nouns WITH their articles 'het maal' or 'het eten' or 'de maaltijd'.

November 10, 2016


Wouldn't it also be possible to think they are not eating, but like guarding the meal? "Zij heben het eten" was my suggested translation.

September 15, 2014


Your translation would be correct, but it would still mean the same.

October 11, 2014


OK, thank you. I will report it next time.

October 11, 2014


Is there no distinction in Dutch between "maaltijd/mealtime" and "maal/meal"? For example, "The baby cries at mealtime" (maaltijd, ja?) or "His last meal was pizza" (maal, of niet?).

July 9, 2016


When I translated with maaltijd it said this is wrong. As right answer maal was given. Why?

March 4, 2017
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