"On Saturday we eat chicken."

Translation:Sabato mangiamo pollo.

June 3, 2013

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I translated "On Saturday we eat chicken" as "Sabato mangiamo pollo", but it was marked wrong because I didn't use the article - il sabato. I haven't seen articles used with days of the week anywhere else; could someone explain why the article is necessary here?


with days of the week it is used to indicate something that recurs on the same day--a habitual action. The meaning is that on each Saturday we eat chicken, as opposed to something that just happens on one Saturday.

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i also am wondering why "su sabato mangiamo pollo" is incorrect.


"su" is used with tangible objects -- when something is physically ON another thing, as opposed to something occurring on an immaterial day of the week.


When exactly do you use "lo" instead of "il/la"? I thought you replaced "il/la" with "lo" when the noun being described begins with "z" or "s". "Sabato" begins with an "s" but its definite article is "il", not "lo"...?


Only use lo when the noun begins with "z" or s + consonant. Here sabato is s followed by a vowel so il is used


I wrote "A sabato mangiamo pollo" and it marked me wrong. This is getting a little annoying.


Why is it wrong for putting 'A sabato'?


Can this also be (Su sabato mangiamo pollo


I believe 'a sabato mangiamo pollo' is also correct, although it was marked as incorrect

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