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Confused about the "Vocabulary" tool.

While I was using the Duolingo app on my phone, it started giving me new words that I had never seen before and not letting me see what they were.

So when I went into the Vocabulary, it said I also knew a word "Leer" when I had not, I had learned the varients "Lee" "Leen" "lees" "leemos" and so on. And when I clicked "practice this word" it only let me practice the words I knew, not the word I didnt know.

So what Im wondering is : why it is giving me new words and not letting me see what they are?

And : Why it says i know that word, but wont let me practice that word?

Thanks for your Help :-)

June 3, 2013

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When the vocabulary page shows that you have "learned" the word does it show up in blue or black?

Basically I am asking if it is on the far left hand side of the page or just to the right of that column? I think the far left column (blue words) are all root words (so for verbs, the infinitive forms). So if 'leer' showed up in blue then I would guess that it is just informing you that you have encountered different forms of 'leer.' However if 'leer' showed up in black (the second column) as well as in blue then maybe the system thinks you have encountered both?

As for practicing, the only words I can click on in the vocabulary page to practice are the blue hyperlinked works. So for French if I click the verb 'être' it will take me to a new page showing me all the forms of être I have encountered and then gives me the option to practice all those forms. Thus if 'leer' was only shown in blue and not black it would make sense why you can't practice it -- you don't technically know "leer" just its present tense conjugations. Otherwise if it is black, I really don't know.

On the other issue of the app not highlighting new words in exercises I found that it didn't always seem to work the way it was supposed to. Sometimes new words wouldn't get highlighted in blue, but other times I would find words that I had already seen highlighted in blue. I just assumed in the latter case the word strength had dropped to the point where the system registered it as "forgotten" and therefore "new".

I hope that helps, if not just disregard.

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