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  5. "Det er mellem dig og mig."

"Det er mellem dig og mig."

Translation:It is between you and me.

September 16, 2014



in danish, can this sentence have the figurative sense that it does in english, meaning "it is confidential"?


It does! You'll almost never hear this sentence in another context.


thank you! here, have 50 lingots


Why is "That's between you and me" wrong?


I ask the same. Why? What is the difference? If there is any.


Does the construct of grammatical "you and i" instead of "you and me" apply in danish or is that only an issue in english?


This one doesnt sound at all like the words individually but unlike usual there seem to be more syllables and I can't figure out why. Wish there was some expanded help feature for these microphone questions.


Is the pronunciation of dig and mig always cut off (sounding more like 'da' and 'ma' instead of 'die' and 'my') when spoken quickly as part of a sentence?


Why is it is between us incorrect


"Us" doesn't necessarily mean "you and me", it could mean "Me and someone who is not here right now" or "all of us in this group of more than 2 people"


In English it would be "between you and I" is that not correct in Danish? I mean in a speaking sense, three sentence is obviously 'me' not I


"between you and me" is the correct grammatical form in danish and english


Just to clarify (three years later) for anybody who reads here and does not understand: "you and me" are the objects of the preposition 'between'. Thus "between you and I" is incorrect. Another way to look at it: you'd say "between us", not "between we".


A better translation would be "It is between thee and me". Not only does it rhyme, it emphasises the confidentiality. The second person singular is alive and well in English, and living in Yorkshire and the South West of England.


is it correct to say Det er mellem du og mig?

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