What do you think about racism?

Hi community, my name is Carlos and I've been practiced English here since a couple of months (a couple of years in fact but I'm a bit lazy) anyway, I want to talk about racism.

Last day I was boring and I was looking for people to chat because I just wanted to improve my English skills. I found a pretty good web for chat and I started to talk with users. As you know, there was many perverts and normally I used to talk with girls (Because men ended the chat just because my username was "Carlos"). Anyway, all was going great until the BIG question came... WHERE ARE YOU FROM?.

I answered "I'm from Guatemala"...and what do you think?... The girl was gone. Of course, there was many good people that were interesting on my country, its culture and many things but while I keep chatting, I found more and more people that when I said "Guatemala" they just leave. I would like to know your opinion and I would thank you if you help me correcting this.

Sorry for my English, I have never had a teacher of English (Of course at school but she was terrible) but I was doing my best to learn this beautiful language :) Thanks duolingo!

Greetings from Guatemala!

September 16, 2014

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I actually like it when I hear someone say something racist because then I know I do not have to waste anymore time with that person. I do feel sorry for racists because they are missing out on a lot. Some actually grow out of it as they get older and become more mature so there is always hope for them. Still, I will not argue with a racist and try to make that person understand. I just do not care to waste my time.

September 16, 2014

Quizas 'los racistas' solo quieren conocer a gente de su pais para charlar y posiblemente conocerles en el futuro en persona y como que tu eres de guatemala no hay mucha probilidad que eso pasara. Y tambien muchos de ellos quieren sexo, y pues no quieren comprar boleto de avion para obtenerlo.

September 16, 2014

Necesitas buscar un sitio para practicar tu inglés. Sugiero,, o Esos sitios estaban construido para practicar idiomas así que la gente que los visiten están interesadas en conocer a personas de todos lugares.

You need to look for a site to practice your English. I suggest,, or Those sites were made for language practice, so the people that visit them are interested in meeting people from all over the world.

September 16, 2014

Your English is great! Honestly, I didn't realize you weren't a native speaker until you said so. If you had not said that, the only big clue was the "teacher of English" at the end. We always say "English teacher" instead. :)

[There was a couple other small mistakes too, I'll reply with a correction if you want.]

Anyway, personally I've never heard of any anti-Guatemala racism. I think it's probably more likely that people thought they didn't have anything in common with you, so they left to find someone else. Sometimes people just prefer to be around "their people", you know? It's not necessarily "racist", just "closed minded".

Really though, you're doing great. Hopefully one day my Spanish will be as good as your English.

September 16, 2014

Some people is just like that, and that isn't necessarily racism but a prejudice. This sort of things may even happen inside our own country, city, town... So, don't worry.

September 16, 2014

I am completely against racism. I think that this planet is for humans. As simple as that. However I think it would be better to avoid this matter in this foro. But it is only my opinión. I hope one day my English will be as good as yours.Greetings from Argentina.

September 16, 2014
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