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"She is your only sister."

Translation:Ella es tu única hermana.

5 years ago



not sure if "Sola" is a word here but I put it here to correspond to Sólo (feminine) but marked it wrong but accepted "única" which means UNIQUE..... ???

4 years ago


Sola or solo means "alone" and unico or unica means only...

3 years ago


There's a difference between solo and sólo, isn't there? Some words contained with the boundaries of the Spanish language seem to clothe themselves in an arbitrary meaning whenever they are used... I was glad just a minute ago that I had discovered the roots of, thanks to this discussion forum, the difference between the two aforementioned words, only to discover that in the long run the Spanish language will screw with you anyway...

1 year ago


Why is “única” before “hermana?” From discussions I've read, if the adjective is before the described object, it gives a subjective description. However, if the adjective follows the object, it is an objective description. I would think being “her only/one sister” is objective and the “única” should follow “hermana.” Am I wrong? If so, someone please explain.

5 years ago


JSbanana: This may be helpful from SpanishDict.com. I think "único/única" would fit into the category of "limiting adjectives" and, therefore, go before the noun: Adjective Placement Exceptions

For the following instances, the adjective is placed in front of the noun it describes.

  1. Limiting adjectives that define a number or amount of a noun, even if it is not specific.

Los niños quieren ocho helados. (The children want eight ice creams.) Tengo menos dinero que mi hermana. (I have less money than my sister.) Hay pocas naranjas este verano. (There are few oranges this summer.) Tienes suficiente tiempo. (You have sufficient time.) Below you will find a list of common limiting adjectives. Remember that all numbers are limiting adjectives as well.

Limiting Adjectives

alguno some bastante enough cuanto as much demasiado too much mucho a lot ninguno no, none poco a little suficiente sufficient, enough varios various, some, a few

5 years ago


why is 'ella es tu hermana solamente' wrong?

5 years ago


zemoer: That would mean something like that she is only your sister, that is, she is not your friend or she is not------whatever..

5 years ago


I did too and do not understand why it is wrong.

5 years ago


well if she's my only sister, that's pretty exclusive. I still dont understand why solamente is incorrect.

4 years ago


Why unica and not unicamente? Someone please explain

4 years ago


Unica is like unique. Unicamente is like uniquely. Ella es mi hermana unicamente, is a bit like saying "She is uniquely my sister". Now swap out the word unique in this explanation for the word only.

4 years ago


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3 years ago


This is hard, why couldn't at least Duolingo could give you at least a hint, if your just learning Spanish?

1 year ago


No one has commented on why solamente is not accepted for only.

4 months ago

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Ella es tu solamente hermana..isn't solamente=only? Por favor?

2 months ago