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  5. "It remains possible to see."

"It remains possible to see."

Translation:Het blijft te zien.

September 16, 2014



How would you say "It remains to be seen", since this literal Dutch translation means something else?


At first I thought perhaps "It remains visible" or "It can still be seen" might be meant here, but that would translate to "zichtbaar". I think "It remains to be seen" is what is intended, instead of "It remains possible to see".


This english sentence actually has two possible meanings. That makes it difficult to translate. The first meaning is about a person with troubles with his eyes. He asks the doctor if everything will be alright and the doctor says: "It remains possible to see. " The second meaning is about an object that one likes to see like a mountain. If a new building is constructed one askes if it will still be possible to see the mountain and an answer could be: "It remains possible to see (It). "


I think this was asked before but... "blijft vs. valt"?


Almost the same.
Het valt te proberen: One would say that in a situation where the outcome is uncertain but there is also a possibility that it would end succesful. One has to think about how much effort and time is required with the change of no succes. Maybe there are other options, easier maybe. Het blijft te proberen. One would say that if in the past there already was the possibility to try it, but for one reason or another people did not try it, but basically the situation has not changed. Maybe they tried something else that did not work, but this option is still an option: one could still try it.

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