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  5. "Skoene er bekvemme."

"Skoene er bekvemme."

Translation:The shoes are convenient.

September 16, 2014



When is it appropriate to use "bekvemme" instead of "praktisk" to convey "convenient" in English?


I'm not 100% sure, but in German 'bequem' (bekvemme) is mostly used for things you can touch, e.g. shoes, a couch, a shirt, etc. whereas 'praktisch' (praktisk) is used for actions/situations, e.g. when a bu station is close to your house, your mother studied chemistry and therefore can help you understand chemistry, etc. It's hard to explain but I hope you got the difference!


This is very likely it, and also what I assumed. It has been very useful being bilingual in English and German for learning Danish :)


I'm still trying to envisage a situation where shoes can be convenient - maybe if I was walking barefoot in the wild somewhere and came across a dead person wearing a pair of shoes in my size, that would be convenient. Otherwise it's not really a sentence I'd ever use.


Perhaps a pair of house slippers that are easy to put on?


So bekvemme means convenient, not comfortable?


It means both, and both are accepted now :)

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    Then please put comfortable as the preferred solution, because convenient is weird to a natural English speaker.


    This is an excellent suggestion. Why would someone keep voting it down? Comfortable is the only acceptable solution here. (I am bilingual English/Danish.)


    Convenient should not be accepted. It's just silly, see rhhpk's comment.


    It means convenient in this sentence: Aftaletiden er bekvem for mig, fordi jeg ikke har andet på det tidspunkt.


    When will someone finally change "comfortable" to be the preferred answer? It makes me feel like an idiot, to have only "convenient" to choose from and having to make a nonsensical sentence every time this pops up.


    why is comfy not acceptable?


    Not a real word more like American slang


    British as well. It's a cute colloquialism. Not bad for translating hyggelig?


    Please make the best translation for this sentence "the shoes are comfortable" which is the best English translation for it and the primary meaning of "bekvem" in my Dansk Ordbog. No one in English says the shoes are convenient. They may be comfortable, practical, beautiful, amazing or many other adjectives but almost never convevient, unless you had to grab and use another persons shoes.


    bekvem to me sounds like german bekvem (i cant spell ) which means comfortable, so how do you say comfortable in danish? and how do you say convenient in german?.. are they related (i know this is a danish site, but many speak german)..no?


    How do you know when to use bekvem and when to use praktisk? Or are the two interchangeable?


    I am an organist and keep a pair of pair of shoes at church because it's convenient, but I wouldn't say "The shoes are convenient". It is keeping them there that is convenient. I know that DuoLingo like to use rather random sentences such as "The dog is reading the newspaper", but "The shoes are convenient" is just confusing. (By the way: my organ shoes are very comfortable thank you.)


    I've never seen the word convenient out of Duolingo and I honestly have no idea what it means, except it translates to Bekvemme.

    So, Bekvemme=convenient= ????? Could, please, someone explain what it means exactly ? Google translate returns the equivalent of "easy" or "Casual", and from the discussion I see it doesn't even mean comfortable. As this weird word appears in each sentence it must be something extremely important in english

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    To me, convenient means that the thing in question is a good solution to a problem, that it is there at the right time and place.
    Luggage trolleys at the airport are convenient: they are there, to be used just when you need them. Or plastic bags near the vegetables in the supermarket.


    The answers are being shown immediately the question appears before you have had chance to read the question. Very often they do not make sense


    Please fix, as the real meaning in english is comfortable. In means both convenient and comfortable. Clothing is described as comfortable.


    I thought bekvemme would sound better as comfortable (German)


    No one in English would ever say that the "shoes are convenient". Shoes may be necessary, or uncomfortable, or comfortable, or beautiful but not "convenient". My Ordbøgger says that bekvem also means "comfortable" when used with clothing. Is this an acceptable translation for Duolingo?


    I disagree. My house shoes are extremely convenient for walking through the house at night.


    That's a very specialized interpretation


    It means comfortable. You might say Skoene ligger bekvemt der.

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