Translation:It is professional work.

4 years ago



Shouldn't that be "Det er et professionelt arbjede" ?

4 years ago

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That would translate into "That is a professional work", which sounds pretty odd to me. With det, you already specified which work you meant, so there is no need for the et, at least I see it like this

4 years ago


Policemen say that all the time while they stare at a corpse in black movies...

4 years ago


Does it mean that this work has been done perfect or that this work's been done by professional (which is pretty the same but i would say there's the difference) or that this work can be done only by professional?

And does "arbejde" is being used in the meaning of "piece of work"?

3 years ago


It could mean that the work is well done, that the work was done by professionals or that you paid a lot of money for a ❤❤❤❤❤❤ piece of work (by adding sarcasm). It could also be used to describe future work that you expect to require a certain level of skills -- on the level of a good professional. Usually it just means that the work was done well.

3 years ago


Professionelle = professionals Professionelt = professional ?

2 years ago


The sound needs to be corrected for Det. It sounds like De not Det and makes the sentence very difficultbto translate correctly.

5 months ago
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