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Let's talk about weekend?

Hi guys! I have a suggestion, what do you think we can write in a few lines what we did over the weekend? That way we can train writing, verbs and learn new words. So, what do you think?

June 3, 2013

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This weekend I was studying for exams in the morning and then I watched tv with my boyfriend. I was very angry because my football team lost. But some chocolate boxes solved the problem. :P


This weekend I met the series Breaking Bad. I stayed enthusiastic and rapidly I've become fan.


What the chocolate boxes not solved for men? rsrs


I worked like a dog last weekend


Are you programmer like me? hahaha


I'm a programmer like you, but I not worked last weekend =)


Well, this weekend was summed up in one word: work. I'm so tired that I just want to sleep this weekend!


i think it is a good idea. my weekend starts on wednesday night here in sao paulo but a little bit stilly. i drink some beer (this is my best translate word on level 4) and eat three hot dogs. talk about you christ holiday Cacau.


Hi John! I love holidays because I can sleep late and then watch my favorite series and documentaries, as Universe (History), Bones, CSI ... : D


Cool, I dont have a tv. Really!!! I prefer go to cinema, but almost time simply go out there. So i add you as friend here in duolingo, can you talk about you?


This weekend I stayed with my girlfriend planning our wedding party, that will be celebrated next August. We went out to have lunch in a north-eastern restaurant and talked about our future together. It was cool.


Cool! We will have a wedding soon then? Congratulations!!


This weekend I will working in MMN!


Hi guys! I am new here, need you for speak english, i like for this! This weekend just make some things over my university, like study for tests.. and yet don't stopped, has much.


I love my weekend,yeah!


This weekend I received a ACCC's letter about the scholarship program Science without borders, maybe in august a I'll be traveling to Canada. o/


I worked, a little. I watched my favorite series, like "Hannibal" and I watched some movies, indico "Bravura Indomita", great! And I slept, because I'm not a machine :D Good idea Cacau!


Very good, man! I've ever watched this movie too and I also recommend it. About the series, it's a nice way to spend time and I like Hannibal, Revenge, Raising Hope, The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones, among others. o/


Oh I like Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory and Revenge too. It's really a excellent way to spend time!


I cried a lot with 'The red Wedding' in Game of Thrones. I had read the books and knew what would happen, but the scenes were really strong. T-T


Really sad this episode, more death in the Stark family. This weekend I'll watch the season finale, for sure! And I don't read the books ;)


I'm waiting a good episode. :D


let's go girl and boys


This weekend I went to music band rehearsal on saturday. After that I slept a litle. At night I went do the movie theater with my girfriend. Sunday, I went to my friend's house and I studied english.


I played some football , like every brazilian, but i´m a goalkepper which is very nice , i really like defend the goal and save the team , we played for five hours and i only take 2 goals. this makes me happy ,,, sorry about my english, i am a newbie :)


Relax man, this is the land of the newbies!


Hello! This weekend I'm going to change my life. I finally decided to learn English! ual!!


In my weekend I will study English because I need learn it very fast!


hello, i'm from Brazil, I SPEAK MORE OR LESS, BUT I UNDERSTAND


hello Pamy, how are you?


I rehearsed a lot with my band and went to mall with my girl friend. I bought a new coat because it was too cold.


Hi, this weekend I went to movies with my girlfriend, I watched the movie "Depois da terra", but I didn't like it.


Hi, How are you doing? I think it's a good idea, my name is Viviane.


my last weekend was not so good, i was sick.


I'm sorry Mr.Parra, so, let´s practice our English together if you want. Well! Where do you live? Let´s talk about each other ok?


hI vivicagm, yes we can to practice our english together, actualy my english is not good, because Ive been studied english for 2 years, my dream is to speak english fluently. well I live in Recife, im married and I have 2 boys, I´m Baptist Church, I play guitar, electric bass. I have a bussines, I work with tires. about you?


Wow! It's very nice! Ok, I live in Curitiba, looking for a job, I'm married as well, and I have a daugther, she is 5 years old, I was a flight attendant (aeromoça), after that I gave English classes for 5 years, and traveled to England a 6 years ago to practiced the English, I stayed there for 7 months, so if you need help to study English I help you!!!!!!! Ok?


Hi! How are you doing? My mane is Viviane and I live in Curitba, What about you?


Hi Viviane. My name is Magaly. I live in Araxá, MG. I'm learning English, but I think very dificult. But I like! Bye


Hi Magaly! How are you? Ok, I 'm going to try to help you learning English. For example: " But I like it", ok? Kisses

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