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  5. Let's talk about weekend?


Let's talk about weekend?

Hi guys! I have a suggestion, what do you think we can write in a few lines what we did over the weekend? That way we can train writing, verbs and learn new words. So, what do you think?

June 3, 2013

44 Comentários


This weekend I was studying for exams in the morning and then I watched tv with my boyfriend. I was very angry because my football team lost. But some chocolate boxes solved the problem. :P


This weekend I met the series Breaking Bad. I stayed enthusiastic and rapidly I've become fan.


What the chocolate boxes not solved for men? rsrs


I worked like a dog last weekend


Are you programmer like me? hahaha


Well, this weekend was summed up in one word: work. I'm so tired that I just want to sleep this weekend!


i think it is a good idea. my weekend starts on wednesday night here in sao paulo but a little bit stilly. i drink some beer (this is my best translate word on level 4) and eat three hot dogs. talk about you christ holiday Cacau.


Hi John! I love holidays because I can sleep late and then watch my favorite series and documentaries, as Universe (History), Bones, CSI ... : D

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