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  5. "He is meeting me today."

"He is meeting me today."

Translation:Hij ontmoet mij vandaag.

September 16, 2014



just after making us learn the continuous we're marked wrong when we use it?


The continuous is used differently in Dutch than in English. In the English sentence, the present continuous is indicating something that will happen in the near future. This is not something that the Dutch present continuous does. You can simply use the simple present tense in Dutch to indicate something that will happen in the near future.


I don't entirely agree, as I understood it to mean that he was in a day-long meeting with the speaker, but thanks for the clarification on the Dutch use.


As far as I know, "Hij is mij vandaag aan het ontmoeten" is an acceptable translation. Was surprised to not have it accepted.


That is what i put as my answer. Was pretty annoyed it didn't accept it!


The Dutch "continuous" is only used when you are actively doing something at that moment. Hence in this case it's not used.

Also see Kay E.'s explanation.


As I understood it ontmoet = meet and ontmoeten = meeting

But ontmoeten isn't accepted.


Is "hij ontmoet vandaag mij" a bad structure?


Yes it is. The correct position of the reduced direct object is before the time ("hij ontmoet mij vandaag"). See this web page for a fulll explanation. I really recommend this site for understanding Dutch word order.



I put this exact translation as my answer and it didn't accept it!

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