This is kinda getting ridiculous. Every single word I filled up the strength bars through reviewing courses I've done, and flash cards, and yet 18 hours later they are all down to only 2 bars again...I did them all yesterday with very few errors. Why did it go down this fast? Is anybody else having an issue with this? it's not the first time this has happened. I know they all deteriorate over time but half the strength 18 hours later? that's too much, too fast

September 16, 2014


Yeah I've always thought that they deteriorate too fast too so I don't even bother strengthening anymore

That Happens A lot To Me, Its Annoying. Ill Ask The Administrator About Adding More Time.

ya I sent in a support thing about it I did get an e-mail back saying they'd look into fixing it so hopefully they follow through and it gets fixed :-)

Ok Thats Cool Then. Talk To Me Later If You Still Have Trouble. Maybe I Can Help You.

it's still really bad. I have a couple words that say yesterday for when it was practiced last and its already down to one bar! most of them go down to 2 bars after 18 hours. I go in every day less than 24 hours later and every course is down at least one bar. it's ridiculous don't want to just ignore the strengthening because if I leave it for 2 or 3 days it will be down to 1 bar. If I try to strengthen it then it will take a full day just to get them full again because im past the second check point, o there's quite a bit of courses and material up to that point.

I have this same problem with the lessons themselves. I get them up to gold one day and then the exact same lesson comes up the next day as needing review.

that's actually what I was referring to as well. it's the strength of the words in the word list that determine the strength of the lessons. It's really frustrating when you get all words and lessons to full levels then like 18hours later they are all down like 2 bars. I know you need to practice but that's excessive especially the further in you are, it takes forever to strengthen them up to full again. When you are needing to strengthen everyday its annoying. even once a week would be good and sufficient but not everyday!

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