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  5. "Hoeveel handen heb jij?"

"Hoeveel handen heb jij?"

Translation:How many hands do you have?

September 16, 2014



nul, ik ben een appel.


Nee, jij bent een sinaasappel.


Nee, hij is een ananas


I'm learning such great phrases for small talk!


In English we sometimes use the word hands to mean employees or at least helpers, is that also true in Dutch?

[deactivated user]

    What is wrong with "How many hands have you?" It is correct English, although colloquially "got" is often added, but it is not essential.


    Nowadays, asking a question requires a modal. "have" can be either a regular verb or a modal which is why it feels wrong here. "How many do you have" or "How many have you used", for example.

    [deactivated user]

      The modal isn't essential though. This is particularly true in questions, such as "Have you any idea when you will arrive?" "How many hands have you?" may be dated, but it is not wrong, and should not be counted as incorrect here.


      I've got to agree with David here. The fact that 'have' alone is no longer 'correct English' is actually rather sad. I still use 'how many X have you?' and I'm not even 30 yet.


      In Dutch, can "hand" be used in the sense of a crewmember or a helper?, as in "deck hand"?

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