"You change it from yellow to red."

Translation:Du ændrer den fra gul til rød.

September 16, 2014

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still unclear why is it wrong "Du ændrer det fra gult til rødt."


I'm struggling with this too. I thought "det" was used when the gender of the thing is unknown (we don't know what "it" is), so I put "det", "gult" and "rødt".


Shouldn't it be "gult" and "rødt" with "det"?


The colours are not adjectives in this sentence, therefore they don't agree.


So the "default" adjective is common then?

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    Aren't they? 'He went from happy to angry' is the same construct, both adjectives.


    The colours are adjectives here, though. There would be an implied 'being' in the English translation: 'change it from being yellow to being red'. Is this different in Danish?


    We need more clarification on this sentence. Why it is den not det, when we don't know the gender and do the adjectives change form according to the pronoun used - if we were to use *det or de instead of den, would gul become "gult/gule"

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    ok I'm confused... last time I translate the sentence using "det" and it was considered wrong. So here I select only the translation with "den" and it says I'm wrong and should have selected the sentence with "det" also.... =___=


    Same question; why is only "det" right here?


    Can't it be 'skifter'?


    Why is not ændrer "det"?


    Is this truely not cheating?Why must it can't be det?


    Such funny but weird.I think "rød" and "gul" mean red one and yellow one,right?Or,not? And another question:is "det" using in neuter gender and somewhere which genders could use in both of them(the two genders)?


    Is there any way to say this correctly with "det" instead of "den"?


    Yes there is.

    Let's add a little more context to this sentence. If the noun is common gender it is represented by the pronoun "den", and the adjectives follow.
    "Jakken, du ændrer den fra gul til rød."

    If the noun is neuter gender, it is represented by "det", and the adjectives follow.
    "Æblet, du ændrer det fra gult til rødt."

    If the noun is plural, they are represented by "dem" and take the e-form of the adjective.
    "Cyklerne, du ændrer dem fra gule til røde."


    Whyn in this sentence, is "det" not ok ?

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    why isn' t "den" also accepted ?


    The translation that shows up for me on this discussion page is literally "Du ændrer den fra gul til rød." so, it is accepted.

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