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  5. "De tager skoene af."

"De tager skoene af."

Translation:They take the shoes off.

September 16, 2014



The pronunciation of "af" was completely unexpected.


Agree. "af" doesn't sound right to me. More so than his "skoene" which sounds ok.


Does this mean their shoes?

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Yes, it's very common to use the definite article in this way about personal belongings and parts of the body


So, all Latin languages work like that as well. :)

[deactivated user]

    So would "They take their shoes off" be accepted?


    Oh, wow. The audio for this sentence is not great, folks. The sound of skoene af is terrible!


    Hear a native say it (and practically any other word in this or any other language for a matter of fact): https://forvo.com/search/skoene/da/


    Am I correct in assuming that there is a different word in Danish for each English definition of 'off' e.g. to mean spoiled, started or the opposite of 'on'?


    It probably helps to think of it as "usage" not "definition." Both "spoiled" and "started" usages for "off" are slang. I find this perspective useful anyway, because if I can think of the original definition or usage of a word then it's easier to map it to a word in a different language. Many times there are words that came from the same root and knowing the foreign usage of the word of the same root helps me better understand the meaning of the English word. I'm a bit nerdy like that.


    Actually, while spoiled is slang, the "started" definition is an official dictionary definition. And there is in fact over 50 official definitions of "Off" according to dictionary.com and a similarly large list from the oxford dictionary. So that may make the whole "remembering the original definition or usage" a bit trickier.


    A common practice in many Oriental cultures, like the Japanese, the Indian and the Arabian.


    If "af" means "off" and "on" how do you say "take the shoes on"?


    In English, you wouldn't say "take the shoes on". It would be "put the shoes on". I haven't reached that action on the tree yet for the Danish :)


    The sound editing sounds terrible with this one. They should clean it up or rerecord.


    The voices are computer generated so think it's not possible to fiddle with individual sounds. There are a number of faulty sounds which keep on cropping up. Once you realise, it's easier to right it in your head but for newcomers it's obviously confusing.

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