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  5. "Beautiful weather is coming."

"Beautiful weather is coming."

Translation:Er is mooi weer op komst.

September 16, 2014



Why can't we just say "Mooi weer komt."?


That doesn't sound right to me. You could say "Er komt mooi weer (aan)".

"Er is mooi weer op komst" has a slightly different meaning closer to "There is beautiful weather on its/the way". This is the phrase "op komst zijn" where komst is a noun. "eraan komen" has the same meaning, explaining the (aan) above (not to be confused with aankomen=to arrive).


The sentence we were asked to translate is "Beautiful weather is coming." If, as you say, "Er is mooi weer op komst" has a somewhat different meaning, then it should not be the correct answer. While "komst" may be a noun, it is also a verb.


Would really like to know this as well... Anyone? :)


Please, can somebody help me: what kind of grammatical construction is "komst" ?????


Komst is a noun related to the verb komen. There are different endings used in Dutch to make a verb into a noun so this might not be easy to recognize. I suppose this is similar to an English phrase like "in the making".


Thank you very much Rutger! Have a lingot.


It is a standard expression. " op komst zijn"


"Er komt mooi weer"


'Er komt mooi weer', was not accepted. "Er is mooi weer op komst." is an ordinary sentence in Dutch.


You don't normally call the weather beautiful but nice


In the Netherlands we are so used to ❤❤❤❤❤❤ weather, that if the sun is shining we need stronger words than "nice".


Ik woon hier al tien jaar. Geloof me, het weer in noord Engeland is veel erger!


Haha ja, ik twijfel er niet aan. Maar Engeland is ook het land van de understatement. "Beautiful weather" is vrij normaal in Noord Amerika, voor zover ik weet.


Da's waar. Ik woon nu in California. Wij zeggen altijd zulke dingen: Oh, it's so beautiful today! What a glorious day, the weather is beautiful! Don't you just love the beautiful weather here in California? (hier in san francisco is er zo veel mist kunnen we bijna nooit het mooie weer ervaren, ondanks de mist, maar soms wel. Los Angeles krijgt het mooie weer


I tried "mooi weer is aan het kommen". Aside from the extra "m", could this work?


I don't think so, as far as I know we cannot use the continuous aspect in Dutch as we do in English (with future time reference), but only to refer to what is happening right now.


I'm from Southern California and we frequently call weather beautiful or even gorgeous. Maybe this is a regional difference?


Could "op komst" be written without a space in one word, i.e. "opkomst"?


There is the noun opkomst meaning turnout, emergence, rise, attendance but that's something different so when using the phrase "op komst zijn" they should always be separate.


Good to know, thanks!

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