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I've lost EVERYTHING in ALL languages.


I am studying English (for Spanish speakers), German (for Spanish speakers), and French (for Spanish speakers). Today I started a new course (Italian for Spanish speakers) and when I went to my phone a message telling me that the course is not available for Android appeared. Then the program went to 0 in English, and German and French course dissapeard. Also the Duolingo page changed to Dutch. I've lost several weeks of dedication to this courses. PLEASE, I NEED HELP!

September 16, 2014

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Go here and choose your language from the dropdown menu: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/direction


Yes, I've desperately tried to add again Italian for Spanish speakers and everything went again to normal. As I said in other post, Duolingo needs to list ALL languages in ALL base languages. Also it needs a simpler option to change the UI display language and not via "I want to learn xxx from yyy"


A very annoying bug (or feature). I'm not sure how I got trapped by it. To clarify the above advice, after choosing the language course from the dropdown menu it is necessary to click the green button (whose Dutch text means 'save changes') and not the blue button (whose text means 'view all language courses').


Same happened to me some half hour ago. I want my class back !!!


I had the same an luckily got all my other languages back.

But does this mean I cannot use the app? I learn French (which IS available) and Swedish (which is not). How do I install the app so I can learn French on my mobile?


Interesting! Duo can speak in three languages at the same time - Holland - Czech and English :

Hoi Vladao,

Je stelde "Ona podporuje dceru" voor als een vertaling van "She supports her daughter.". We accepteren deze vertaling nu. :)

Bedankt voor de bijdrage, ga alsjeblieft zo door!

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This happened to me too! I'm an English-speaker and had several courses going. Usually I use my laptop but I was going to go on the app because I wasn't at my computer. I must have been on Swedish at the time and it told me Swedish isn't supported on the app and instead of sending me to the list of my other courses it somehow got that I'm a Dutch-speaker learning English. Everything is in Dutch now and I can't find any of my other courses. I don't speak Dutch well enough to navigate the site. Could someone who solved this problem let me know how?


I have the exact same problem.emailed duo support and tweeted them about 6 times. No replies ever forthcoming. How do I get my previous courses back? Everything is at level 0 and of course the app is in Dutch which is impossible to navigate when you have never studied it.


The fix, as far as I know, requires you to use the web-based interface with an Internet browser, and not the Android or iOS app. Both times I accidentally got switched to Dutch, I was using the Android app. I haven't figured out how to fix the problem from within the app, but it can be fixed from the web-based interface as described below:

  1. Go to this page: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/direction
  2. From the dropdown menu, choose "I want to learn Italian (I know English)" [or any other course that you're supposed to be following]
  3. Click on the green button above the dropdown menu that says "Sla wijzigingen op"


Thanks very much for posting this. The problem is now fixed. The thing that was catching me out was the position of the button that you needed to save the changes. I was pressing the one below rather than the one above which is a very odd UI decision.

Shame the official DuoLingo support is so poor. I raised two support tickets which were never replied to and tweeted them at least 6 times. Never even bothered to reply. Very poor.

Thanks to this post I am back learning again after a 5 month enforced break!


Thank you so much!


Same thing happened to me. Thank you to all for the giving the step by step directions to fix the problem and get all my courses back. :)


Me too! What happened? I was having so much fun learning Spanish (for English speakers), French (for English speakers), and Danish (for English speakers). Now I can't do anything because it's all in Dutch! I also want to get back on track! Help!


To fix it, see my second post above, the one that begins "The fix, as far as I know". This is how I get trapped by the bug: The problem occurs when I have been using the web-based interface to learn a language that is in beta and hence not supported by the app (for me, that's usually Dutch from English or Danish from English) and then later try to use the Android app. I get a message saying "unsupported language" and a list of supported languages. If I don't select one of the supported languages, it defaults to the first choice listed, which is English from Dutch. To prevent that from happening again in the future, you should instead select French from English from the list of supported languages (or any other ___ from English choice). This advice may not apply to everyone. There are probably other ways to get trapped by the bug, since many of the people complaining about it here are registered only for languages that are supported by the app.


a mi me paso lo mismo


Since more than a month I can,t reach my English course on the duolingapp on my Ipad. Only the desktop is available. Every day the app. ask me to registrate as a new member. I have to start again with lesson one on my tablet. The desktop is fine. I want to sync again Duolingo on he desktop with the Ipad, How can I solve this problem?


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