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Just home from Portugal!

Second time now....Porto is still a beautiful city...Aveiro was lovely and Costa Nova was magic!

I really, really had fun trying out my Portuguese...and as a result met tonnes of lovely people!

Reached a really interesting stage with my Portuguese: I can ask questions and be understood pretty well.....but understanding the answers can be pretty hard!!!! Usually I manage to spot one important word in a sentence and take a good guess!

Had loads of great conversations...my fave' was probably with a fishmonger telling me how to clean an octopus I'd just bought....then a chat with a fisherman on the beach telling me how to cook it!

In Portugal they seem to say (I''ll try to spell phonetically);

Good night = "boa noit" not "boa noi-chay" Leite = "lay-t" rather than "leh-chay".

Beautiful country...great place for a holiday...seriously, the ribeira in Porto, at night, is one of the most beautiful city-scapes in the world.

September 16, 2014



Do you know the RTP channel? It's from Portugal. They speak in European Portuguese, and I can't understand everything hahaha (next time you go there, give it a training :p)



Congratulations on your Portuguese, keep up the good work. I understand your problems, if you use Duolingo they teach you Brazilian Portuguese and the pronunciation differs slightly in Portugal, if you look for Portuguese news channels to watch online you will soon get used to the way they speak the language, maybe this will help.


Portugal is a wonderful country :D I simply love it. Portugal é muito fixe! :D


there are a few pronunciation differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese. I lived in Brazil for about a year and a half and when I got to Portugal it took me a while to remember changes in pronunciation, like you said with noite ending in tee not chi, and another is the d sound in things like Verde, in European is dee in Brasil is gee. and in Portugal they shush their S's more, a bit like Sean Connery he he. another thing i noticed was words used in slang or on the street differ too. in Brazil, cool is 'legal' whereas here in lisboa people say 'fixe'


This is exactly the kind of post I was hoping someone would make. I hope to visit Portugal myself someday.

I love the sound of European Portuguese, with all those slurred s's and hard t's. Did you adapt your own accent to theirs, or did you speak with the standard Brazilian one used in Duolingo? Did anyone remark on your accent?


Hello everybody, back home in Belgium from ten days Portugal, our fifteenth journey in our favourite country. This time we (re)visited lovely romantic Sintra (first in 1996) and of course Lisboa. Highlights this time: Expo 98 area, Gulbenkian Garden - visited museum last year ... wonderful! - and Belem section with Jerónimos, and rich Colecção Berardo in Centro Cultural de Belem. We went by old fashion tramway 15E, the road back to Praça da Figueira was by 'nomal' tram. Looking forward to next trip!


Yeah Lusofone....I'd forgotten that, they totally have slurred S's and hard T's:

boa noiT........maiSSSS.

Quite often people would ask if I was Spanish....which I thought was cool...but I'm not sure if I picked up a Porto accent....I shoulda filmed myself....but, totally unlike in English, I'm too shy!


Oh yes! Portugal is so beautiful, I traveled through the Alentejo region. The generosity of people was so warming. And Portuguese is a stunning language, I can't wait to return!

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