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  5. "I just eat pasta."

"I just eat pasta."

Translation:Jeg spiser bare pasta.

September 16, 2014



I thought that maybe "I just eat pasta" as in "I eat pasta and nothing else" would be "jeg bare spiser pasta", and "I eat just pasta" as in "It's just pasta, nothing fancy" would be "jeg spiser bare pasta"?


In a main clause the subject and the finite verb are, as my teacher loves to say, "glued together". They can be inverted, but you can't stick any words in between them.

You can say:

Jeg spiser bare pasta.

I går, spiste jeg bare pasta.

but not:

*Jeg bare spiser pasta.


I'm not sure what you meant, but my takeaway is:

Normal form: verb+adverb Sub form: verb+..+adverb

Never: adverb+verb or adverb+..+verb

Am i correct?


I think MusicWithRocksin is making the point that the ambiguity is in the Danish as well. As indeed it is in German: "Ich esse nur Pasta" or Dutch "Ik eet alleen (maar) pasta" meaning either: 'just plain boring pasta' or "I never eat anything else".


I thought it would be "Jeg spiser kun pasta" for the "only pasta and nothing else" meaning


Why was "jeg spiser bare pasta marked wrong?"

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