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"Do you have a connection with them?"

Translation:An bhfuil ceangal agaibh leo?

September 17, 2014



Does it have to be ..agaibh leo.. or can it end with ..leo agaibh..?


So, anyone have any input on this question?


Is iad "ceangal" agus "nasc" an rud céanna; an féidir le duine éigean an rogha seo a chuir isteach nuair atá mé ag aistriú ó Béarla go Gaeilge. Go raibh maith agat.

Ceangal and nasc are the same word; same meaning; can someone make this an option for guessing this sentence when guessing the Irish from English. Thank you!


Next time you do it, add nasc then report it, saying it should be accepted.


Where is the word sentence in yiu comment

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