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Request: Teach "het" and "de" with the words

I would find it really helpful, if new words were introduce together with their article. So when I get a picture prompt I also get prompted the article (like they do in the French from German course).

If there was a thread before, please point me to it and delete this one, but I haven't found one.

Thanks for the work. I already find your course awesome.

September 17, 2014



There have already been threads like this one, but don't worry about it. I'll still respond here because more people will probably see it. It's up to the Duolingo team to build a feature using images and articles. We've suggested they add this feature to the incubator, and as you can see here, you can rest assured that it's planned:


Thanks for your quick response. Good to know it is planned. Though I wonder how the guys over at French from German did it, if it isn't available. Guess we just got lucky there. ;)


I'd like that as well, but as work-a-round I've been using the same gender of its German equivalent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


I wouldn't trust that too much, there are many exceptions where cognates have different gender in German and Dutch. I remember KaiEngle posted a nice list of those…but I cannot find it right now.

If you simply use de for all nouns you'll be correct 75% of the time anyway, I'm not sure if that improves much by using German gender.


For some strange reason I am just going but gut feeling and it works (native German). Some words just sound strange with "de". I will see how far that takes me. But nonetheless I would find this feature helpful or at least reassuring.


It is safest to use de for everything if in doubt - and learn het words over time. You will not find a native Dutch speaker criticising a non-native using the wrong article, unless specifically asked to do so.

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