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Target language Experience

Hello. I'm posting this here because I don't know if it was changed or it is a bug.

I've always worked on language trees from two different languages at the same time (from English and Spanish) and I've noticed that the experience is not cumulative anymore but it is individual for every base language and not the language you are learning.

Is it intended to be like this?, because if so, it is going to be more difficult to level up (not that this is crucial) and it makes no sense to have different experience and levels if the target language is the same.


September 17, 2014



Yes, it has been split up. I also preferred it the other way (cumulative), but Duolingo decided differently (there was also a points glitch, I believe). :/


Oh, hi how are you? =)

Well, that's very unfortunate, I think I'll have to work twice as hard. At least I hope I can learn more hehe.


Hey, Emanuel. :) Busy, but good. :)

I know, ha ha. In the name of learning!

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