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Lessons won't load up.

Sorry if this has been discussed before, point me to the thread if it has. Despite having the latest version of flash on my computer (and several others I have tried it on) over the last few months the lessons won't load up after clicking 'click to begin'. Just a blank page. This used to happen before, you'd get the odd day where it would play up, but now it happens all the time. My skill tree was once totally golden...not anymore! I can still use the translation part of Duolingo though.....

I have cleared cache history, logged in and out etc. This has been a problem for about 3 months now. I have used Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer on several computers without and luck.

September 17, 2014



Hi there!

That sounds really frustrating! I'm not on the tech team, but they will want to know what browser and operating system you're using when you encounter those problems. Could you please edit your post and add that information to your main post up there?


I have used Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer all on several computers with no joy.

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