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  5. "Het katje is zwart."

"Het katje is zwart."

Translation:The kitten is black.

September 17, 2014



The little cat is black is not accepted.


if kitten = kitten and katje is kitten, how do you say a small cat 'i.e. an adult of small size' ?


'Katje' is an adult cat of small size. It indeed could mean 'kitten' as well, but most Dutch speakers will use 'kitten' for 'kitten'.


the problem is that duo doesn't accept little cat for katje.


really? My Van Dale groot woordenboek Hedendaags Nederlands says that kitten means "met kit aan elkaar lijmen of dichten". Is it because it was printed a decade ago?


That's the verb 'kitten'. I don't have the newest edition of van Dale either, but, as a native, I can assure you that we use 'kitten' for a baby cat (plural: 'kittens').

(I don't know if you like WikiWoordenboek (Wikitionary), but they say that the noun 'kitten' is a new born cat.)


I looked it up on the Van Dale website and it didn't come up as a "baby cat" either (and I made sure to check both the Nederlands-Nederlands and the Nederlands-Engels section). Perhaps it's more of a dialect thing? I mean, as it doesn't come up in an official dictionary... I don't really like Wikitionary because of the fact that it's made by regular users, so I do not regard it as a trustworthy source. I mean, I'm a History teacher, and the things kids get from Wikipedia are plainly outrageous. Every time I read an assignment done using Wikipedia as a source I can tell, because most times it's plagued with inaccuracies and biased interpretations. Therefore, I do not really trust Wikipedia nor Wikitionary.


As a I native, I can assure you it is not a regional thing either. The site of van Dale doesn't show all translations. E.g. take a look at this site.

Edit: Also, take a look in the Dutch encyclopedia.


A word can have more than one meaning


I guess you could say "een kleine kat"

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