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  5. "That should be enough."

"That should be enough."

Translation:Dat zou genoeg moeten zijn.

September 17, 2014



Dat zou moeten genoeg zijn , it should be accepted, please can someone report it to DUOLINGO? My "Report a Problem" buttom didn't work here, thank you in advance.


The word order is not correct. It really should be 'Dat zou genoeg moeten zijn.'.


Actually this word order is used in Belgium, hardly ever in the Netherlands.


I know Susande, I am Flemish, but is that kind of wordorder wrong, in other words is it not following the rules of A.N.?


I don't know, I only know about the usage (I cannot recall any Dutchman ever using this) xMerrie's post actually confirms that. I think it depends on the course builders, do they want to be lenient because it is used in Dutch, or do they want to mark it as incorrect because it's a Dutch (Nederland) course and this is not used in Nederland.

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