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  5. "That should be enough."

"That should be enough."

Translation:Dat zou genoeg moeten zijn.

September 17, 2014



Dat zou moeten genoeg zijn , it should be accepted, please can someone report it to DUOLINGO? My "Report a Problem" buttom didn't work here, thank you in advance.

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The word order is not correct. It really should be 'Dat zou genoeg moeten zijn.'.


Actually this word order is used in Belgium, hardly ever in the Netherlands.


I know Susande, I am Flemish, but is that kind of wordorder wrong, in other words is it not following the rules of A.N.?


I don't know, I only know about the usage (I cannot recall any Dutchman ever using this) xMerrie's post actually confirms that. I think it depends on the course builders, do they want to be lenient because it is used in Dutch, or do they want to mark it as incorrect because it's a Dutch (Nederland) course and this is not used in Nederland.

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