"Loro hanno un tavolo."

Translation:They have a table.

June 4, 2013

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The speech here at full speed seems impossible to discern here!


what is the difference between tavolo and tavola?


I hear "tavoro" is that correct? Shouldn't be tavolo instead?


It should be "tavolo", indeed. But the recording isn't clear, I'm a native speaker and I had troubles understanding it, it sounds like "tavòro" when it should be "tàvolo". I'll report it.


Yep. It's "Loro hanno un tavolo" (They have a table.)


Native speaker please....In speaking Italian, are the words always strung together as in this lessons' voice?


I'm not a native speaker but i sing opera for five years. So I knew how to read italian long before i began to properly learn it.

Basically yeah, between two worlds, one ending and one begining with a vowel, the vowel are crunch in one ore more diphthongs. I will only differenciate between two e (you will say the two e wirh a little hyphenation and not abruptly cutting the sound) and when the world are not in the same sentence or clause.


As the h in hanno is silent my translation came out rather inappropriate...ha ha! Not the 1st time when conversing with a native has the latter happened. One of the many pitfalls.


Is -loro- needed in this sentence?

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