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"This lady only has expensive clothes."

Translation:Deze dame heeft alleen maar dure kleren.

September 17, 2014



Asked before but still not answered: is it normal to say "alleen maar" instead of just "alleen"? Can both be used? Is there a difference in meaning / usage?


Using alleen maar in this sentence sounds more natural, 'nicer', if you ask me. But it's also fine to leave out maar.


Is it possible to say just "maar" and not "alleen"? For example, in English:
The lady has but one dress.


Hi ion1122,

That's an interesting question. Think of alleen maar as a little 'combo', where maar is the only optional element.

So, no, sorry, you cannot use maar on its own in this context.

Hope this helps.


What is the difference between duur and kostbaar?


They're synonyms. :)


Actually they are not exactly synonyms, in this sentence they both can be used, but in others they cannot. Duur = expensive, kostbaar = valuable.


Is the difference between using "deze" vs "dit" the same as "de" and "het?" Or is it more of a "that/those" and "this/these" differentiation?


deze is for common gender (de) nouns
dit is for neuter (het) nouns

Both mean "this".

dat is for neuter (het) nouns
die is for common gender (de) nouns

Both mean "that".

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