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"Bøf er ifølge hende ikke rigtig mad, fordi hun er vegetar."

Translation:Steak is, according to her not real food, because she is vegetarian.

September 17, 2014



The English sentence is missing a comma: "according to her" should be separated by commas from both sides.


Could you say: "Steak, according to her, is not a right food, because she is a vegetarian" ?


That sounds wrong in English, and there is no "en" for "mad" to be "a right food." I think "real food" would be the only correct answer in this case.


My question was more about whether both "Steak according to her is..." and "Steak is according to her..." should be correct.


Yes, you can say "Steak, according to her, is..." and "Steak is, according to her,..." and "According to her steak is .."


I translated it to "the right food" (but it wasn't accepted). Steak is real food, since people can digest it. I took it to mean, according to her, it's bad food.


Firstly, the actual nature of food is irrelevant to what she believes. Secondly, there is an argument to be made about ethics determining whether or not something should be considered food. I mean, you can digest human flesh, but you wouldn't consider me food, would you? Maybe you don't see animals as having moral value, but she does, so to her the animal is not really food.


Why is "beef" not accepted as a translation for "bøf"?


Because bøf means steak, whereas the Danish word for beef is oksekød. Bøf and beef are so-called false friends.


So Danish doesn't require a comma before and after ifølge hende?


Oh, come on " steak, according to her, is not..." is perfectly good English. You are nit picking, wrong and very irritating.


"not really food" makes sense also but isnt accepted

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