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" dearcadh eile ag an uachtarán."

Translation:The president has another viewpoint.

September 17, 2014



Shouldn't -- The president has a different viewpoint -- be OK?


Probably not, we've been taught that "eile" means "another" whereas "difriúil" means different. Might seem like a semantic difference but they have to distinguish the two to make sure the correct meaning is being taught


I looked up the answer to my question instead of asking it, but in case anyone else wonders: apparently, "eile" has about the same ambiguity in Irish as "another" in English; ie it can mean "a different viewpoint (from someone else's)" as well as "an additional viewpoint (to one he already had)".


Dearcadh is accepted as a valid translation of opinion in other parts of this lesson but not here, why?


Does "an uachtarán" mean that the president is a woman or is it a mistake?


It doesn't matter. The noun uachtarán is masculime, no matter who holds the job. There's no "t-prefixing" here because it's led by a preposition.


so it would be 'tá an t-uachtarán tuirseach' ?


No difference - it's like engineer, the job is the job regardless of who holds it.

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