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  5. "Questa città non ha stadi."

"Questa città non ha stadi."

Translation:This city does not have stadiums.

June 4, 2013



"stadia" is the accepted plural of "stadium"...


Yes you are right though it is not a word that is often used. It did seem a bit odd writing stadiums in this sentence. I think you would be more likely to use the singular. The city "has no stadium" or "does not have a stadium". After all, if it doesn't have one, then it can't have more than one!.


Thank you!!! I checked to make sure, because I made the same "mistake" according to the website, yet I know it's correct.


Stadia is most often used to refer to more than one Roman-era stadium, while stadiums is the accepted plural for the modern building. In Italy, of course, you could be taking about either, so stadia should be accepted.


I wrote "stadia" which is the plural for stadium. Mirriam-Webster says both "stadiums" and "stadia" are acceptable. Someone commented on this very thing 5 years ago on this thread. And here we are in 2018 and I was still marked wrong for typing "stadia". Duolingo continues to insist on only using "stadiums". Is Duolingo paying any attention to anything any of us write on these threads?


I think they only take notice if you use the flag


The Italian scholars who contribute to this course would do well to heed the views of English speakers. Several people in the last five years have pointed out that stadia is an acceptable plural of stadium.


The plural of "stadium" is "stadia".


Stadia still not accepted as of 20th Sept. 2019


This city has no stadia.


Very often in previous lessons, DL has translated an Italian plural noun into an English singular noun, because that way the English sounds more acceptable. In English one would NEVER say "does not have stadiums", but one would say "has no stadium". In fact, we rarely use the word stadium, but that's another matter.


"NEVER say 'does not have stadiums' " and "rarely use the word stadium"?!?

What on earth are you talking about? Stadium is an extremely common word, including in the plural.


Still no love for "stadia", Sep '20. Even though it IS correct. Think how silly it sounds to say 'datums' instead of 'data'. That's you, that is.


...and now, DL gives me "stadi" as the plural of "stadium..."


Stadia is the correct UK English plural the same as media is the plural of medium


Still showing "stadia" as a mistake, which it is not.

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