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"Le dottoresse"

Translation:The doctors

June 4, 2013



I would like to know how strict Italians are about using gender-specific terms. For example, in English, if one says "waiter" for a (female) waitress, it's generally considered OK. In contrast, if one calls a man a "waitress," people might look askance as you...


If it exists, you should use the right gender. Only for brand new feminine jobs you can still use the masculine form (e.g. you can use ministro referring to a ministra)


I think you just need to use the right form. It must be taken as an offense if you say it wrong


I think in any language, if you use the masculine form for a woman, it will sound weird, but OK, because it is like... the standard. However, if you use feminine to men, that will sound offensive.

For example "Thank you" in Portuguese is "Obrigado" (the standard form) If you're a woman, you'd say "Obrigada". If a woman says "Obrigado", that's ok. But if a man says "obrigada", that would sound weird.


What is the singular? Dottoressa?


i think if you say female doctors will be ok too


I would guess in English you just say doctors instead of saying female doctors or male doctors


Correct. Italian has one method English another.


No, in italiano si dice dottoresse per le donne e dottori per gli uomini. Non รจ vero che esiste solo un modo per dire le cose in italiano


I just said "The doctors" and it was correct.

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I said 'female doctors', it accepted that.


Male: Il Dottore / i dottori Female : La dottoressa / le dottoresse

Is it correct?


Surely the graduates is also a correct translation - it was one of the meanings given for dottoresse and I can't see any reason why it would not fit here


Dottore means someone with a PhD. A doctorate engineer is a dottore. But a medical doctor is more accurately "un medico".


thanks so much, this lesson does not clarify, especially when the picture of the word "il dottore" showed a physician.


However, I had "il medico" marked wrong on a simple wprd identification for "the doctor." I reported it 16 February 2020, but i wonder if I'm missing a nuance?


Don't you think that the use of medico is better for saying doctor? Dottoressa can also be a university graduate of any kind


i am happy with 'women', 'lady' or 'female'.


If you are talking of medical doctors why not medici?


How odd. For scrittrice I entered writer. It accepted it, but gave "lady writer" as an alternative translation. For dottoresse I entered "lady doctors" and it did not accept it, giving only "doctors" as the correct translation.


In Italian, there is a separate word for a male doctor and a female doctor. In English, there is not. When you give a translation it has to be in correct English. So, dottoresse is just "doctor". "Lady doctor" is wrong because it not a proper English word. See here:



But he said lady writer was accepted for scrittrice. I think the argument is Duolingo should either accept both or reject both.


Her pronunciation is awful! She made "dottoresse" sound like two entirely separate words.


The double consonants are held longer which may result in it sounding like two words. Doubles are not divided into separate syllables but for a newbie it might be taught that way to help you with the longer held sound.

A similar problem is the "z" and "tz" sounds in The Leaning Tower of Pisa or Pizza.

Check out number 5 in this link. :)



What if an employee is trangender? What would be the proper word to use in this case


I think it would be polite to use the gender that they present as


I wrote "the female physicians" marked wrong. Why?


Ok.....in the tips it says dottoresse is a female doctor, now it claims it as,the,plural......clarification please


Only for female doctors mayb.

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