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poor english?

I don't know if my English is too poor but 2 syntactical mistakes out of 5 questions seems a bit too much. It didn't seem so unforgiving in the Spanish section. May it be that I ought to stop learning Spanish and Italian and go back to English instead? Any opinions?

June 4, 2013



It's really hard to give you an opinion without knowing what the sentences were... They could have been unusual constructions or idiomatic in English or they could have been irregular or idiomatic in Italian, or a hard concept to get your head around, or it could be a mistake in Duolingo,... or it could be your English.

Just based on your initial post here I think your English is pretty good - good enough to handle Duolingo - I only picked up one minor thing that indicates you're not a native speaker.

If you can give examples that might help.

(ps. I have a knowledge of Italian grammar beyond level 6, in case you are wonder how giving me examples could be any use.)


Thank you.. it's just that it's really annoying to have so many answers refused because of the supposedly incorrect English. I feel I'm being tested at English instead of Italian. Not to say that I sometimes realize that my English is not as good as I think.. what is even more frustrating :)


Your English seems very good for a non-native speaker to me. Maybe it's Duolingo - some of the English sentences that they give as answers are a little weird... Grammatically they're correct, but they're not really a construction a native speaker would use.

Also Italian is one of Duolingo's more recent additions, which means that it's likely to be more error prone than say Spanish which has been on Duolingo a lot longer (more people going through the whole course = more likelihood that errors, ambiguities and lack of alternative correct answers will be picked up and reported by someone). The Italian levels I've done so far have had hardly any mistakes, but I heard that it get much worse later on.

Just some general thoughts... Can't say anything more specific without not knowing what they told you was incorrect... :-)

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