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"The boy used to sleep outside the house."

Translation:Drengen plejede at sove uden for huset.

September 17, 2014



Is there any difference in meaning or nuance between 'udenfor' and 'uden for'? Is one more common or more accepted than the other?


I think the difference is "uden for" is in relation to something else (think outside of) whereas "udenfor" is an adverb and has no real relation to anything else. This could also be said "The boy used to sleep outside of the house". Udenfor is used without an object in the sentence, for example "vi skal udenfor"
According to this very helpful PDF:
"Rule of Thumb is there is either one or three parts.
Either: Only an adverb (Gå udenfor)
Or: Preposition + Adverb + Object (Du skal gå uden for døren)"


Currently "udenfor" is accepted as a missed space. I think it should not be, but this cannot be reported.

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