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why is my streak different on my iPhone than my computer?

I used a streak freeze yesterday so I could visit mom in the hospital. Online it says I'm at 21 days (which is correct) but my iPhone reads 1 day on track?! How do i sync them up ?? Grazie, in advance :)

September 17, 2014



If you are using 'Coach Mode', the streak freeze doesn't freeze this streak. If you turn off Coach Mode, your streaks should match.


What is coach mode?


can anyone help me figure this out? I understood your answer wazzie just not really how to tuirn it off!


Hey, to disable coach mode, open the iPhone app, go to courses, click edit (upper left hand corner), edit goal, turn coach off.
(i don't have the newest version of the app installed, so this may not be exactly correct)

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Hi there,

I've tried turning off the coach this way but there is no "turn coach off" option. I could change my goals but there's no possibility to remove them :/

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