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Listening in Danish?

Anyone else have problems determining if a danish word is singular or plural? When it is the exercises where you just listen and then type the sentence, I usually receive an error or typo message because I mix up singular and plural. Anyone know of any tips to determine the number of a word when you hear it in Danish? Or is this one of those, you have to keep at it until it clicks?

September 17, 2014



All I can say is it gradually gets better. I suppose every language has a hard part, maybe all the spoken elisions and what is to me just plain mumbling is the hard part in Danish. Your ear eventually tunes in. Yes she said "mad" as if it were "mul" again. O its "maenden" not "manden" this time.


I do sometimes. If I'm really unsure I play the words again slowly. If I'm still having trouble I'll play it a few more times going back and forth between fast and slow until it clicks.

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