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  5. "Undervisningen er afsluttet."

"Undervisningen er afsluttet."

Translation:The teaching has finished.

September 17, 2014



Couldn't this also be "the teaching is finished" ?


Same question here. Any Danish natives can clarify? Thanks in advance.


It could :p but i don't know if you can say that in english...


Could a native speaker of English & Danish clarify the following: I understand this sentence as the situation where a classical teaching has finished and the students may go. In Dutch we would normally say: "De les is afgelopen." And we would translate that to English as: "The lesson is finished."

I know that the word lesson can have multiple other meanings too (for example a lesson in a book), but if "Undervisningen er afsluttet" can mean that a classical teaching has ended, then in my opinion "The lesson is finished" must also be a correct translation.

@Native English speakers, could you clarify the difference in meaning of Teaching and Lesson? Can both be used in the same situation?

Thank you in advance, because this confuses me. :)


Native english speaker.. you COULD use "the teaching" or "the lesson" interchangeably here. If you are teaching something, you are giving a lesson in whatever it may be.. it sounds much better saying "lesson" though. I personally would not ever say "the teaching is finished/has finished" (unless I was retiring and my teaching days were over)


In Danish "lesson" is "time" rather than "undervisning". Like lesson, "time" is only a noun whereas "undervisning" (like "teaching") is related to a verb. Furthermore, "undervisning" refers to a university or the like, while "time" is more found in elementary schools and high schools. I hope this helps :)


Can we say it as "The teaching is completed"


Shouldn't it be "The teaching is finished" because of the 'er'?

I have reported it too, just in case it is a typo.


Afslutte, like a bunch of other Danish verbs, can also take a form of være as auxiliary. If you take have with most of those, they become transitive:

  • Undervisningen er afsluttet - The lesson has ended/finished.
  • Læreren har afsluttet undervisningen. - The teacher has finished the lesson.
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