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  5. "Io sono sicuro."

"Io sono sicuro."

Translation:I am sure.

June 4, 2013



the woman spoke "Io sono sicurA " which i wrote however the answer was incorrect as the answer accepted was sicurO . I have had the phrase confirmed by friends who also heard sicurA several times. The woman speaker is difficult to hear and is not clear on many statements and questions.


I rather have her than the male voice. I just came to the Discuss page right now to make my complaint of the male voice doing the exact same thing as your complaint is... I could not determine if he was saying "sicura" or "sicuro" so I wrote my answer with sicura. It was wrong. I hate it when they do not enunciate clearly.


I had the same problem - I was not sure, if she said "sicura" or "sicuro". I thought that since it's a female voice, she must have said "sicurA", but I was wrong. So now I am confused - I thought that women would say "Io sono sicurA" and men "Io sono sicurO"? Or is the female/male voice just a weird Duolingo thing that does not necessarily match the grammar rules just to keep us on our toes...


“I'm safe“ is accepted.


Huh, "I am secure" is not accepted. I was thinking of repelling down a rock wall or strapping into a parachute, etc.


Italians and Spanish use the same expression. In Spanish, the word is "seguro" and it means secure but when you say a person is secure it is usually used in a metaphorical way. It is like: "I am secure in my belief." or "I am secure in my way of thinking."

The English "sure" can also be used in a security sense. "My faith is sure and steadfast." "The Lord will make my lord a sure house." "Go your way, make it as sure as you can."


Still don't get why "certo" wouldn't work here....


sure is american; in english we use certain.


I agree with this: "the woman spoke "Io sono sicurA " which i wrote however the answer was incorrect as the answer accepted was sicurO . " But, in adddition, it is a woman's voice, so you anticipate the "A."


What is the difference between "certo" and "sicuro"?


Was going to ask the exact same thing. Anyone?


you marked correct although I had typed il instead of io as that's what I heard


So frustrating! Earlier, it was sono sicura, and i said it should be thisand was wrong. Quale una è vero, ehh?


'i am safe' was not accepted

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