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"Hoeveel hersenen heeft een beer?"

Translation:How many brains does a bear have?

September 17, 2014



Some say more than 14...


The Dutch sentence can also be read as the uncountable hersenen, so: How much brains does a bear have?

Edit: thanks HappyEvilSlosh!


I think for that meaning here (NZ) it would be more typical to ask "how much brains does a bear have?". Using brain for that meaning sounds really wrong for me (and my partner who I just ran it by and works part time as a copy editor). That was marked wrong for me though so I'll report it.


Indeed please report those kind of things, the course builders need users like you to report mistakes. I also edited it in my post.


Equally non-sensical :-P


I don't agree, if you read it as brain, it's either a scientific question or an alternative way of asking "How smart is a bear?"


Thanks for the explanation! The trouble with Duolingo is that you often don't know if a sentence is sensical or not... :-/


Can anyone tell me how you would say the sentence "How many brains have a bear"? (As in, there are a bunch of brains and some of them have a bear). I know that is nonsensical but it seems like the given sentence could also be interpreted that way? :P


I expect that would be “Hoeveel hersenen hebben een beer?”. Certainly it would need to be “hebben” rather than “heeft” if it’s to be interpreted that way around.


Of course, thanks!


"De hersenen" always be plural?


De hersenen is both plural and singular. :)

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